Cross Roads Art & Photography

Cross Roads Art & Photography

Martha Weber  -  Artist, Photographer, Interior Designer

Martha’s artwork portrays “Connection between Time, Space and Spirit”.  She lets herself be guided by the Beauty, Drama, Grace, Passion and Creativity of what was and what is…

 “Steps to Truth” (conte on paper), “Emerging Moment”(watercolour), and ‘The Mist” (photographic print) are three forms of artwork that seek to connect the artist’s personal journey with those who accompany her, those who have passed on and those yet to come in one community of time, space and spirit.

 As an artist, Martha seeks to draw out the essence of her subject, interpreting moments and characteristics that she discovers and finds intriguing. Martha’s passion for art led her to establish the Ashburn Art Circle (AAC) in 2009 to develop and celebrate the art community in the Ashburn area.

 Martha holds a degree in Interior Design from the University Feminine of Guadalajara, Mexico. From 2005 to 2008 she was enrolled at the Arscura School For Living Art where she studied the transformation of the human healing process to guide others.

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