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Exploring the meaning in a Logo

The use of visual imagery to represent your business is fairly common but must be done with careful consideration of the message you want to convey. 

There is a formal method of image analysis called Semiotics which can in effect translate a picture from an image into words.  But, this can become a deep subject very quickly if you look into the work of philosopher Roland Barthes and others.

However, we don’t have to go there to see the impact that symbols have on all of us.  One of the most powerful symbols in most cultures is the flag of their country.  It represents a cohesive force supported by music, pageantry and an association to events felt by all citizens.  We’ll take a look at the symbolism in flags in a later article but for now we’ll look at the slightly less powerful symbolism found in a logo for an organization or business.   


While a logo can be a very effective symbol for your business and should be part of your branding, what is it that makes a captivating logo?  It should be something that carries meaning that people can understand and relate to.  Some of the most basic design concepts are…

     - Keep it simple

     - Be unique
    - Have a story  
   - Color Matters


For example the Brooklin Summer ArtFest poster above uses an image of an artist to as a logo.  The logo needed to represent the complexity and energy of an event offering the work of about 40 visual artists, craft makers, bands and dance groups.  There are also a number of food booths.  In its 5th year this one day-long event keeps growing and attracts well over a thousand visitors.    

The logo is based on a painting created by Ashburn artist Martha Weber specifically for the Summer ArtFest.  It is inspired by the summer colours she sees on her farm on a glorious day from dawn right through to the last light after sunset. The painting is a kaleidoscope of colours from trees, flowers, grass, water, sun and sky.  Swirling through it all is the creative energy brought by artists, dancers, and musicians.

Martha was photographed at her easel making final touches to the artwork.  The resulting image was then blended with other images she chose to convey music and dance.

The result is a vibrant, interesting image that visitors have said represents the excitement and creativity they encounter at the Summer ArtFestt.

To see more concept images that use symbolism take a look at…


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